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Bible Study may 2020

Book of James
A world is in crisis, people are shaken and  facing all kind of major disruption and fear. How do we  Christian respond and stand in the midst of this crisis?
The book of James has been given to us for such a time as this. This book exposes our motives and actions.
This brief letter, packed with 54 commands, instructs us how to live  a life of faith that is pure and undefiled, he urge us to respond with love, humility and patience, no matter what the circumstances of our day-to-day life is. This is true Faith.


While describing  the evil
– of a tongue out of control
– of playing favorites with the rich
– of prideful boastful about self-made plans


He make us expect specific, practical instructions to help us live an authentic Christian life

These are the objectives of the 3 session  Bible study

1. To understand the meaning of faith, the purpose of faith and works together in our lives
2. To evaluate our own faith. Is it death faith or living faith
3. To deepen our commitment to clearly demonstrate to other the reality of our faith


History and introduction to the book of James


Practical love


Steadfastness and trust
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