Liendertseweg 114, 3815 BJ Amersfoort
About Grace Church

Our identity

We are a Christ-centred English speaking community that welcomes people from all nations, cultures and backgrounds and traditions, in and around Amersfoort.

We are missional; we help people find their purpose in life as they discover God’s love for them through Jesus Christ

We are Intercultural; We celebrate the diversity of different cultures and experience that as an enrichment.


City outreach

City Outreach brings God’s Presence and Love every third (3rd) Saturday of the month, to the centre of Amersfoort by engaging people who visit the...


Walk-in closet

Grace Church wants to be a blessing for the neighborhood. Therefore we decided at the beginning of 2017 to launch the “Inloopkast”. Each month on...


Dutch lessons

Every Tuesday afternoon we have Dutch lessons at Grace Church. The lessons are first of all meant for people who otherwise have no access to Dutch...


    Grace Church

    Love God. Love people. Serve both.